Relativism of principle of relativity.

Every material body that moves relatively to the other material body, or common center of mass, has special properties that do not allow it to move faster than velocity C.
Let’s consider the example of a single flying body at a velocity close to the C.
Let’s assume that the material particle moves towards it at the same speed, but on opposite direction. What will happen according to the principle of relativity?

We exclude the collision option, but we consider the case of through fly, assuming that the body is a planetary system that does not have a single body.

Thus, the particle cannot fly through the planetary system at a velocity more than C because of the special properties of both objects.

Based on the law of conservation of energy in this case, approaching each other, they will change their velocity relative to each other before setting to the parameter close to C, transferring its energy into the weight gain.

In the process of outcome (departure) of the special properties, a reversed process will take place and the bodies will continue their movements with the same parameters.

Thus, we see that the weight gain in this case is the accumulator of interaction energy.

The special properties I call “Time increment” and I assume that it is distributed in space with a quadratic dependence, as well as many other body properties, i.e., magnetic, electric and gravitational interactions.

Time increment that material body possesses, flying at the speed V decreases with the square of the distance from it.

We know that


Than time increment is


Hence we can consider, that for time increment at the distance  R

This assumption may be an explanation of physical phenomena such as lensing of light by gravitational objects, its diffraction, interference, etc.

Like any object that has geometric dimensions, material body, or wave, passing by the same moving material body relative to common center of mass, changes its direction towards the material body due to the difference in the course of time, depending on the distance.

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